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A Peek Inside My Head

(a journey into the mind of a lunatic)

24 October 1981
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I'm a twenty something year old female from Arizona. I'm an artist and an animal lover. I am the mother of a little dog named Ziggy. I love all kinds of music and just about anything art related. I'm fascinated by things that are offbeat or bizarre. I guess I have the tendency to be attracted to things outside the mainstream. I love tattoos and the art of tattooing and hope to eventually open my own shop. As far as politics go I consider my self to be neither a republican or democrat but more so a "constitutionalist"

The purpose of this blog is to simply share my thoughts and feelings and likes and dislikes regarding anything and everything... and will most likely contain, discuss, & display things that are not suitable for close-minded arsemongers and those that are easily offended... so if you are easily offended or a close-minded arsemonger you are not welcome and are encouraged to turn back now.... you will find nothing of interest to you here. All others are welcome.

about me
1950s-1970s, 50s/60s/70s blues, 50s/60s/70s rock & roll, 50s/60s/70s soul, abfab, alfred hitchcock, all in the family, amy winehouse, animals, art, b rated movies, barfly, beatniks, bela lugosi, bernie mac, big mama thornton, big shoes, bizarre & oddities, björk, black clothes, blues, bob dylan, bob montagna, bohemian hedonists, bonnie raitt, boozers users and losers, breaking bad, brussels griffons, charles bukowski, cheesey horror, classic rock, cocktails, combo deluxe, conspiracy theories, counter culture, crafting, creativity, dave chappelle, david bowie, david lynch, design, devo, documentaries, dogs, ducks, elvira, elvis, esther burton, fairies, freedom, fuzzy slippers, girls with guitars, gypsy music, hacking, hot rods, hunter s. thompson, ireland, irish travellers, jack kerouac, james gandolfini, janis joplin, jerome arizona, john waters, johnny cash, kaleidoscopes, keith richards, kids in the hall, kitsch, knowledge, lawn gnomes, linda ronstadt, literature, living green, lou reed, lounge music, magic mushrooms, mob movies, modern jazz, monty python, motorcycles, muppets, music, nerds, nightlife, non-conformity, off the grid living, oldies, partying, paul and jerry's, paul miluski, pbs, peggy lee, pez, pinup art, pinup girls, portishead, psychedelics, psychobilly music, purple, puzzles, quentin tarintino, record players, records, retro raunch, richard cheese, richard pryor, rock and roll, salvador dali, sesame street, sewing, shivaree, sinister country music, snow globes, sociological books, soul, space age stuff, spaghetti westerns, spontaneous creativity, stand up comedy, stevie nicks, storybook art, strawberries, supernatural, t.rex/marc bolan, tattoo art, tattoos, thai food, the addams family, the cramps, the cremaster cycle, the guy from boston, the munsters, the revolting cocks, the riches, the rolling stones, the sopranos, tito & tarantula, tom waits, tori amos, truth, truthfulness, twin peaks, view-master, vintage clothes, vintage furniture, vintage toys, vinyl collecting, voom, weird videos, william cooper